Celebrating 20 Years – Thank You

    Contact: Anne Eustace Psychologist, Tutor and Therapist ‘Avalon’ Ballycronnigan Kilrane County Wexford T: 053 9178802 M: 086 243 7717 www.oneegg.ie

Workshop – Bewildered, Bewitched and Be Wise

As part our commitment to supporting your development, personal spirit and soul growth you may be interested in a series of workshops during 2016   BE Workshop One ‘Bewildered, Bewitched and Be Wise’   @ Avalon, Ballycronningan, Kilrane, Wexford By the Sea   During the workshop we will practice arriving, asking, accepting, acknowledging, affirming, allowing, […]

Living and Working Ethically

What if we lived each day with heightened attention on our ethics?   What if we truly noticed our own honour code in action, our own set of patterns and beliefs and how these serve to shape the way we move through our days?   What if, for one day, we consciously considered each choice […]

Opening to love and goodness

I welcome the gifts of love and goodness…coming East from the West in the form of Rachel Sweetman who will facilitate a Mindfulness & Hakomi Workshop here at Avalon on 11th October 2014. In a lovely natural setting by the sea, Rachel will support us in nurturing our connection to our inner Self and the […]

hope…practicing hope…..

As we approach the winter solstice I am centering my spirit on hope…..encouraging my spirit to scan, seek out and spot the small glimmers of hope, often in the simplest of places.  I am placing my attention on these glimmers of hope and nurturing them gently and silently…. They are like slivers of light that welcome a […]

Seeds & Weeds……

I am loving all the possibilities in terms of gardening analogies and metaphors….. I imagine the magical powers of seeds and how they simply know what to do and how to be…in order to grow and realise their potential Dream seeds, wish seeds, need seeds, love seeds……there is a full catalogue of intentions! We do […]

holidays, holy days, whole days…….

Now…. I am beginning to believe that we benefit from a little ‘holiday’ everyday.  By this I mean a few carefully chosen moments in each of our days for self care, for silence, for a return to source. Let’s take a moment to define what a holiday means…..what gives us respite, restores/renews our energy, uplifts […]

Leaning towards love….

I am choosing to lean towards love…..in my daily practice. Now, what on earth (or in heaven) does that mean?  I am not quite certain….and yet the simple steps are as follows: I will practice leaning towards a loving response to all the events, people and challenges that I encounter during my days….. I will […]


My growing love and appreciation of mindfulness, as a natural or habituated practice, is easing me towards ‘heartfulness’….and is the next stop ‘soulfulness’…..?  I love the sense of slowing down and the surge of serenity that such practices bring.

conscious choice making….

I am considering the practicalities of practicing conscious choice making….. choosing to nourish my physical body with lovely healthy foods, choosing to move my physical body through exercise, choosing to nurture my mental body by choosing positive thought patterns, choosing hope over doubt, choosing love and light over darkness…choosing to give and to receive in […]