Liberated to love…

The wonderful, and recently departed from this world, Dr David Simon tells us that we are ready to create love in our lives when we liberate ourselves from the inner dialogue that reinforces self pity and self importance.  Dr Simon says that our ability to give and receive love influences all aspects of our lives, and particularly our health. […]

An Art of Appreciation….

The Art of Appreciating I am praticising the art of appreciating…..starting all things, thoughts and actions, from a place of appreciation…it is to exercise my mind and to see how it alters my brain patterns.  It feels good and…. intuitively…it feels like a wise investment of my energies….. to acknowledge the good in things and work […]

Pollyanna Positivity Principle….

Is it possible that Eleanor H. Porter was teaching us about the power of positivity when she gifted us with ‘Pollyanna’ way back in 1913.  The truth about Pollyanna is that she shows us the power of positivity and resilience in action.  I believe that Pollyanna is only understood by those who have read the full story!  […]

Magic numbers and mathematical modelling of our behaviour

Continuing with my theme of ‘Flourishing’….I note that I must experience three positives for every negative in order to function normally and I must up this ratio in order to flourish…. And with the intention of flourising…off I go on my merry way to seek out feelings of contentment, gratitude, compassion, love and hope… What a lovely […]

Flourishing…thriving, living and loving……being our best selves.

I am loving Maureen Gaffney’s book, ‘Flourishing’…it is inspiring, uplifting, clear and practical. I love her choice of references that touch some inner knowing in all of us… ‘our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that […]

Reflections to inspire us all to be……

Kindness …..has to do with what is tenderest and most intimate in us.  It is an aspect of our nature that we might express more readily and fully.  According to the wonderful Peiro Ferrucci we are afraid that if this vulnerable side comes to light, we might suffer, be offended, ridiculed or exploited.  We will […]