one-egg-colorOne Egg

This as our one to one work with individuals. It centres on self development, opening to change and contentment. This process is a blend of traditional psychological and energy therapies. It is one to one work with Anne, through movement and meditation, yoga, reflection and mentoring.

half-dozenHalf Dozen

This is our work with small groups and teams, e.g. with community organisations, small businesses and work teams. This happens through reflective practice, support workshops, action learning sets, strategic review, movement and purposeful planning.

dozen-moreFull Dozen & More

This is our evaluation and development work with organisations. This happens through a blend of traditional and intuitive evaluation techniques, reflective practice and strategic planning. It encourages positive responses to change, clarity of planning and work purpose.

free-range-colorFree Range

This is our emerging work, responding to the needs of individuals and organisations. This unfolds through a blend of psychological support, yogic  movement and meditation and opening to possibilities, The intention is to bring balance and clarity to work.